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The sale of Probate/Executry Properties can vary enormously due to their differences in size, condition and value. The vast majority need to be resolved and sold immediately. This process can be complex and comes at a time of emotional strain for the family and executors involved. Our comprehensive service is designed to take away the worry of dealing with the property before sale and attend to the issues that arise. We employ a sympathetic approach which is sensitive to family needs, whilst ensuring professionalism.

Recommendation Report

We will provide you with much more than a standard valuation for Probate/Executry Purposes. Alongside this we will include advice on what might need to be done to the property to prepare it for sale, and any clearance, tidying or improvements that would be beneficial. Our Report will be thorough and will include all the property information required for the Executors to consider when making estate planning decisions.

Disposal of Unwanted Furniture and Chattels

We have links with companies who provide independent valuation of furniture and chattels followed by a cost-effective removal and sale of all unwanted items. Prior estimates will be supplied, after which a full and complete clearance would be carried out upon acceptance of quote.

Prepare for Auctioning

We will advise, with our extensive auctioning experience, on the right guide price to ensure a quick sale, with the highest potential sale price. Furthermore, we will go through the marketing strategy with the Executor. This will ensure that the property would be properly advertised towards all of our cash-ready investors within the property price threshold.

Single Point of Contact

As ‘Agent for the Executors’ we will act as the primary contact for all matters relating to the probate/executry property. We will allocate an individual to be responsible and available on call.

Meter Readings and Key Holding

We can read the meters and act as key holders throughout the sale process.
Production of an Energy Performance Certificate
All properties that are to be sold or let will require an up-to-date Energy performance Certificate (EPC). We are happy to guide Executors to arrange this effectively and efficiently.

Assessment of Planning Options

Probate/Executry properties often offer opportunities for extension or redevelopment; on some occasions there could be space for a building plot. Our team will consider and advise on the options.

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