Online Bidding Guide

Online Bidding Registration

1. Property registration

i. Prior to the auction, click on the property page(s) found within the Next Auction page that you are interested in bidding on.

On the property detail page, click on the “Bid Now” widget (the circle icon) on the bottom right of the screen. On a desktop computer, a pop-up window should appear on the right of the screen. If you are on a smart device, you may have to tap the ‘Bid Now’ circle on the bottom right in order to show the pop-up.

Click on Log in / register to bid in the pop-up window.

Either log in if you already have an ‘Auction Passport’ account or register a new account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your details and create an account.

2. Bidder security

i. Once your details have been approved, you will be notified by email to submit your bank card details approximately 72 hours before the start of the auction.

ii. Upon entering valid bank card information, a hold of £5,000 per lot will be authorised on your account. No monies will actually be deducted until and unless you have the winning bid that meets the reserve on the auction day. This £5,000 will contribute towards the fees stipulated in the special conditions and the deposit of the property.

3. Registering for more than one property

i. Repeat the above steps for each property you are interested in bidding for. A bidder security of £5,000 must be authorised for each individual property.

Auction Agent strongly advises interested parties to complete the registration as soon as possible.

Auction Agent does not accept any responsibility for failure to administer late registrations.

Download Property Legal Packs

1. Log in to your Auction Passport account

i. On the property page that you are interested in downloading the legal pack for, click on the “Bid Now” widget on the bottom right of the screen.

ii. Click on Log In and enter your ‘Auction Passport’ account details.

2. After logging in, return back to the property page and open the “Bid Now” widget if it is not already opened.

3. Click “Legals”, which is located on the second tab in the pop-up window.

4. Read through the terms and proceed if you agree to them.

5. The legal pack should be available for download. If the tab says “The legal documents are not available”, it means that the seller’s solicitors have yet to have finished preparing them. An email will be automatically sent to notify you when the legal documents are ready for download.

Online Bidding on the Auction Day

1. Logging in to bid

(Log in via the property page you wish to bid on (as above)

2. Start bidding

i. Upon successful log in, you will be able to either make an instant bid or set a proxy bid amount.

ii. The window will show the current bid, the time remaining, and whether the bid has reached the reserve price.

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